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1990's ClearWater became the second largest vendor of drinking water,  starting with coin-op machines, eventually installing dumb vendors at the end caps of virtually every grocery chain in a multi state area.  Dehydration of produce was a big problem so we invented the Mister-Mister system; now in virtually every produce counter around the globe.  This positioned us in bottled water so we serviced UAW workers with pure water to their work stations.

Industrial markets serviced by new products (photo right)  used membrane technology that we built on Water Street.  Theses devices removed the good water from the bad.  We sucked good water from poluted water removing lead, oils, tin, hardness and bacteria.   GM and other manufacturers purchased pure water grades.  We supplied ultra pure water for lazer cooling and to catalizedchemical reactions.  

This work required laboratory skills so we became a State Certified Drinking Water Lab. analyzing thousands of water supplies in Michigan and neighboring states.    Customer's included MERCED, a Flint non-profit challenged study and fix lead in Flint drinking water, local hospital for the same reason, mortgage companies, real estate companies.    

For a time public media  was used to disseminate water conditions around the City and County.  Conditions over time became toxic.

We offer this expertise to you, government, schools, and the the local public to fix their water problems so they  may lead normal day to day lives without fear their children, customers, are being harmed.    

35 years in every aspect of water chemistry and water microbiology.   Lead Inspector, Lead Health Risk Assessor, Certified OSHA Person, Lead Abatement, Project Design are all certifications  granted to us from EPA just on the lead issue alone.

We deliver CONFIDENCE.  Go local and create local jobs.
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 Photo shows manufacturing site set aside for your pure products. 
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