DeToxify Your Water 
"Take out what they put in."    
TTHM's airborn in your home is a killer
Stop the nonsence, be confident:  get well-stay well
    Do you have flu like symptoms?   Fear lead in your water?
What We Do
  1. From Crap to Tap
    From Crap to Tap
    Water sources pose treatment challenges. Want to get back to normal? Write our email. Stop the nonsense.
  2. Bottled Water
    Bottled Water
    Bring your big bottles. You fill them. Learn while you fill. We are minority managed right in your neighborhood. Don't wait until it's too late.
Addressing The Problem
    We are independant of the government.  The other water source.
    Twenty years here in Flint right in your backyard.

1)  Make an inquiry using the email above;
2)  do it now.

3)  Every day that goes by you, are being injured.

4)  Stop the nonsense with what has been going on, fix it right now. 

    * With CONFIDENCE  expressed by local people in the private sector. 


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